Seeds and Spices:

All Herb Seasoning No Salt, Adobo Seasoning, Alum Powder, 

Allspice, whole & ground, Anise Seed & Star

Imatation Bacon Bits, Barbeque Seasoning, 

Basil, Bay Leaves, Bean Soup Seasoning Mix, 

Caraway Seeds, Cardamom, Cheddar Cheese Powder, 

Celery Flakes & Seed, Celery Salt, Chili Powder, Chili Seasoning Mix,

Chopped Chives,Cilantro Flakes

Cinnamon, Ground & 3", 6" Sticks, Cinnamon Sugar

Citric Acid, Ground & Whole Cloves, Ground & Whole Coriander,  

Cumin, Curry Powder, Dill Seed & Weed, 

Garlic, granulated & powder, Garlic & Herb Seasoning, Garlic Pepper & No Salt, Minced Garlic, Garlic Salt

Ginger, Italian Seasoning, Herbes De Province, Hickory Smoke Salt, 

Horseradish powder, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek, 

Flax Seed Brown & Golden, Flax Seed meal RM

Lemon Peel, Mace, Marjoram, Meat Tenderizer

Meat Rubs: Cajun, Fish, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Rib,Steak

Whole Mulling Spice, Mustard Seed Ground & Seed, Whole & Ground Nutmeg, 

Onion Powder & Salt, Onion Minced & Chopped, Orange Peel, Oregano

Paprika ground & smoked, Parsley Flakes, 

Pepper Black& White - ground, Green Bell Peppers, Lemon Pepper No Salt, Red Cayenne Pepper, ,Red Crushed Pepper, Whole Peppercorns,Black & mixed, Pepper Steak Seasoning 

Pickling Spice, Pickling Lime, Pizza Topping, Poppy Seeds, 

Popcorn salt, Poultry Seasoning, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Rosemary,

Rubbed Sage, Sausage Seasoning Mix, Savory

No Salt Substitute-Mrs Dash, Iodized Table Salt, Kosher Salt, Popcorn Salt, Pretzel Salt, Seasoned Salt, Sea Salt, Canning Salt,

Sesame Seed, Sloppy Joe Mix, Smoked Sugar Cure, Dried Soup Greens, 

Taco Seasoning & No MSG, Tarragon, Thyme, Turmeric,

Vegetable Bouillon Cubes

Baking Chips:

Butterscotch, Butter, Cherry, Pecan Mix, Lemon, Peanut Butter, White, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Reeses Pieces, Triple Chocolate Chip Mix, Fun Cookie Drop Mix, Suger Free Dark Chocolate Drops, Ko Ko Bits, Milk Chocolate Large & Mini, Real Semi - Bittersweet Chocolate Large & Mini, Chocolate Pokies like(M & M’s), M&M Mini Baking Bits

Baking Supplies:

Baking Powder& Baking Soda, Cocoa, Dutch Process 16/18%, Chow Mien Noodles, Clear Jell, Cornstarch, Cream of Tartar,Croutons,Cupcake Papers, Meringue Powder, Pure Red Rooster Vanilla, Yeast, Red Star, Yeast, Saf Instant


Black Bean Soup Mix, Black Turtle Beans, Black Eyed Peas, Navy, Pinto, Red Kidney, Small Red, Lentils, Split Green Peas, Great Northern, 13 Bean Soup Mix, Veggi Bean Soup Mix


Assorted Teas, green, wake up, English breakfast, black & cozy Comfort, Spiced Apple Cider, 

French Vanilla & Chocolate Mint Cappuccino Mix, SF French Vanilla Cappuccino,Hot Cocoa Mix & No Sugar Added, Non Fat Dry Milk, Sweet Cream Buttermilk Solids, Coffees, Coffee Creamer, Lemonade Drink Mix, Orange Breakfast Drink Mix, peach smoothie mix

Candy/Chocolate Candy/Cookies:

Animal Crackers, Anise Bears, 

Atomic fireballs, Australian Liquorices, 

Bit o honey, Black Twists, Boston baked beans, 

Butter mints, Butterscotch Buttons, 

Candy Corn, Assorted Candy Sticks,

Wrapped Caramels, Caramel Peanut Clusters, 

Caramel Popcorn, Cherry Slices, Cherry Sours, 

Cinnamon Bears, Cinnamon Imps, 

Circus Peanuts, Chew Wax Bottles, Chocolate Almonds, 

Chocolate Milk/Dark Bridge Mix, Dk. Chocolate Cranberries, 

Choc. Covered Peanuts, Choc. Covered Raisins, 

Choc-o-rocks, Chocolate Stars, 

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans, 

Dessert (Party) mints, Fig bars,

French Burnt Peanuts, Fruit Runts, 

Sour Fruit Slices, Ginger Snaps, 

Good n Plenty, Gum Balls, Gum Drops, 

Gummi Bears & Worms, Sour Neon Gummi Worms, 

Hershey’s Chocolate, Horehound Candy, 

Hot Tamales, Jelly Beans,

Black Jelly Beans, Lemon Drops, 

Malted Milk Balls, Dark Chocolate Malted Balls, 

Macaroons, Maple Nut Goodies, 

Mint Crème Patties Cookies, Milk & Dk Chocolate Mixed Nuts, 

Orange Slices, Peach Rings, 

Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Clusters, 

Peppermint Patties, Reese’s Pieces, 

Rock Candy on a Stick, Root beer Barrels, 

Garlic Sea Salt Bagel Chips, Snickers, 

Starlight Mints, Strawberry Twists, Toffees, 

Trolli Cola Bottles, Unicorn Pops,

White Frosted Pretzels, Yogurt Raisins

Cake/Candy Making Supplies:

Fermvertase (invertase) & Tart n Sour, flavor enhancer, Toothpicks, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Fondant, Peters Caramel, Rubber Mint Molds & Chocolate Candy Molds, 

Liquid Colorings–blue, green, red, white, yellow, black, pink, brown, purple, orange, 

Gel Colorings–black, blue, green, red, orange, brown, pink, violet, yellow

Powder Colorings–blue, green, orange, red, yellow, purple, black

Chocolate Coating Wafers: White, Vanilla, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mint , green mint, pink, lemon, blue

Slab Chocolate: Landmark Milk Chocolate, Coronado Dark Chocolate, Pearl White Almond Bark

Canning Supplies: Salt, Pickle, pasta, pizza sause & salsa mixes, Funnels, Jar Lifters, Lids-wide & narrow, Freezer boxes-pint & quarts, Pint jars, Quart Jars, Natural Dutch Jell (lite), No Cook Freezer Pectin, Home Jel  Lite Fruit Pectin, Fresh Fruit Preserver, Fruit Pectin, Raw ORG.Apple Cider Vinegar, White Vinegar


Buckwheat Kamut Org, RM, Bulgur RM, Cream of Wheat/Farina, Corn Flakes, Hard red spring wheat berries RM, 6 Grain Org/ RM, 7 grain ORG, 8 grain wheatless cereal, Hot Cereal 10 grain RM, Grain n Nuts Cereal  RM, Kamut Cereal & Berries Org RM, Oat Bran, Rice Bran RM, Corn grits & cornmeal, Grandola Granola, Vanilla Almond GF & Cashew Raisin GF, Quick Oats  & Regular Oats, Regular Oats Org., Might tasty cereal GF/RM, Whole grain rolled oats GF/ RM, Hulled Millet, Muesli RM, Pearled Barley & org, Rye  & Spelt Berries ORG RM, Spice n Nice RM, Steel Cut Oats (groats)RM/GF, Tritcale Berries RM, Wheat Bran & Wheat Germ, Rolled Wheat Flakes, Cracked Wheat, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes and so much more!


Pancale Syrup, Peanut Butter, Countryside BBQ Sauce, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard, Hot Pepper Mustard, Pickled Baby Beets, Dill Garlic Pickles, Corn Relish, Baby Corn, 4 Bean Salad, Jalapeno Slices, corn salsa, Worchestershire sause, Wrights Hickory Seasoning, Ham Cure, 

Dip n Seasoning Blends:

Sour Cream & Onion Powder, Bacon Ranch Dressing mix, Cheddar Ranch Dip Mix, Strawberry Dip Mix, Vegetable Dip Mix

Chicken Gravy Mix, Roast Beef Gravy Mix, Turkey Gravy Mix, Country Gravy Mix, Sausage Gravy Mix

Flour: All Purpose Flour, Malted Barley, Black Bean GF, Brown Rice GF, Brown Rice GF & ORG, Buck wheat ORG, Corn Flour GF, High Gluten Bread, Cake, Graham Flour, Whole Wheat, Kamut Cereal Org. RM, Pastry, Potato, Quinoa Org, Whole wheat pastry,Whole wheat bread mx, RM, Potato bread mix, Rice, Rye, Rye bread mix, Sorghum Flour,  Spelt, Whole grain ORG, Tapioca Flour GF RM, Teff Flour, GF RM, Unbleached All Purpose Flour, Whole Wheat, Wheat gluten.


Apricots, Banana Chips, Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Cappuccino Snack Mix, Cantaloupe Chucks, Carrot Chips, Chocolate Pretzel Explosion

Coconut, Flaked& Chips - Unsweetened, Corn Chips w/flax, 

Chili Cheese Corn Twists, Very Berry Health Mix, G.O.R.P. Trail mix,

Dried Tart Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Dates Diced & Pitted, Dried Kiwi, 

Ginger Slices, Green Bean Chips, Honey Nut Supreme Snack,

Indian Summer Oriental Snack, Just Fruit Mix, Okra Chips, Mango Slices, 

Oriental Fried Peas, Oyster Crackers, Saltine Crackers

Papaya chucks, Pineapple Tidbits

Popcorn: blue, Snappy White, Snappy Yellow, Lady Finger (few hulls), Microwave

Pretzels & Preztel Rods, Prunes pitted, Pumpkin Seeds

Raisins & Golden, Sesame Sticks, Sweet Potato Chips, 

Sunflower Seeds, roast/salted& Raw        

Tail gate Crunch, Tropical Fruit Trio, Extra Hot Wabasi Peas, 

Wasabi Toasted Soynuts, Wheat Cracker,  Yogurt Trail Mix

Fruit Fillings:

Apple, Apricot, Chocolate Bavarian Cream, Bavarian Cream, Blueberry, Date, Pie Cherry, Coconut, Cream Cheese, Lemon, Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry  

Jello (1 lb):          

Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Lime, Raspberry, Lemon, Unflavored gelatin, Marshmallow Bits


Macaroni,  Elbow, Org. Whole Wheat Elbow, Rotini, Garden Veggie Rotini, Small Shell, Wagon Wheel, Garden Veggie, Whole Wheat Shell Medium, Couscous, medium


Alphabets, Kluski, No yolk medium, ½” Wide Egg, ¼” Wide Egg, Thin noodles, Old fashioned medium, Penne, Rigate, Whole Wheat Flats, Whole Wheat Penne, Spaghetti, Whole wheat spaghetti, Whole Wheat, Org. Lasagna, Lasagna,


Au Jus Mix, Angel Food Cake Mix, Bisquick, Biscuit Mix GF & RM, Blueberry Muffin Mix, Blueberry Pancake, Bread Crumbs, Whole Wheat Bread Mix RM, Potato Bread Mix. Potato Bread Mix RM, 10 Grain Bread Mix RM, Rye Bread Mix RM, Brownie, Wheat Free Biscuit/baking Mix, Buckwheat Pancake Mix, 10 Grain Pancake/Waffle Mix, Brown Gravy Mix, Pancake Mix GF, Chicken Coater Mix, Fish Fry Mix, Coat n Bake, Chocolate Cookie Mix, Oatmeal and Sugar Cookie Mix, Cole Slaw Dressing mIx, Devils Food Cake Mix, Fudge Frosting Mix, Corn Bread Muffin Mix, Cream Cheese Frosting MIx, Gingerbread Mix, Pie Crust Mix, Funnel Cake Mix, Pizza Crust Mix, Strawberry Muffin Mix, Whipped Topping MIx, White Frosting MIx, Yellow Cske Mix, Graham Cracker Crumbs


Almonds: Smoked, Honey Cinnamon, Blanched, Roasted & Salted, Not Roasted & Salted, Sliced Natural Raw & Slivered Raw, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, RNS & roasted & salted, English Walnuts, Peanuts Blanched, Roasted/Salted, Pine nuts, Black Walnut pieces, Mammoth Pecans Halves, Soy nuts, Roasted and Salted, pistashios 


Oil, Extra Virgin Olive, Unfiltered Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Butter flavored canola (popcorn)

Lorann Flavoring Oils:  Apple, Anise, Apricot, Amaretto, Blackberry, Black Walnut,  Blueberry, Brandy, Almond, Butter Rum, Cheesecake, Cinnamon, Cran-Raspberry, Coffee, Crème de Menthe, Black Walnut, Pineapple, Butter, Butter Rum, Coconut, Clove Leaf, Grape, Cherry, Butterscotch, Orange, Horehound, Lemon, Licorice, Maple, Mini Chocolate Chip, Sassafras, Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Pecan, Peppermint, Raspberry, Spearmint, Licorice, Lime, Watermelon, Wintergreen, Maple, Pina Colada, Tutti Fruiti, Vanilla Butternut and much more


Potatoes, scalloped dehydrated, diced, dehydrated, & flaked


Arborio, Long Grain, Basmati Brown Rice, org., Brown, Brown/Wild Rice Blend, Quick Cooking Wild Rice, Orzo, Winter Storm Blend, Parboiled, White, 3 grain, Countryside,


Instant SF Chocolate, SF Vanilla,  Instant Vanilla, Butterscotch, Banana, Chocolate Pudding, Cooked Type Tapioca Pudding Mix,

Shullsburg Cheese:

Cheese Curds, plain/flavored & Butter quarters, American/Swiss slices & cheese sticks, Random weight blocks of, mild cheddar, Colby, Monterey jack, mozzarella, pepper jack, salami, Brick, smoked gouda, White Cheddar, Provalone, Shredded Mozzarella, Cheddar and pizza cheese, Sauerkraut, 8 oz Summer sausage

Soup Bases:

French Onion, ham, Beef Low Salt, Beef Base NOMSG, Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, Chicken Soup Mix, Chicken Soup Base w/Parsley NOMSG, White Cheddar Asparagus Soup Mix, Creamy Broccoli Soup Mix., frontier Soups - Tomato basil, tortilla, potato leek & corn chowder


Apple Butter, Boysenberry, Bumble berry, Elderberry, Red Cherry, Seedless blackberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, F.O.R.G....


White, Brown, Powdered & Raw Sugar, Black Strap Molasses, Honey, Sorghum, Seasonal Jimmies/decorates, nonpareils, Mini Quins, Silver & Gold Dragees, Sanding sugars – White, yellow, red, orange, pink, green, blue, gold, purple, black, pastels, silver and much more


Tapioca, Baby Pearl, Tapioca, Granulated (Minute), Tapioca, Large, Tapioca Pudding, cook type

Gluten Free Items:

Gluten Free Mixes: Brownie RM, Chocolate Chip Cookie RM, Chocolate Cake RM, Cinnamon Raisin Bread mix RM, Corn bread mix RM, Homemade Wonder Bread Mix RM, Pancake mix RM, Pizza Crust Mix, Potato Bread mix, Spice Cake & Gingerbd Mix FP, Whole grain bread mix RM, White Cake Mix GF & RM, Baking Mix RM

Gluten Free Flour, Red Mill (RM): All purpose baking flour, Brown Rice Flour, Coconut Flour, org,        Garbanzo & Fava flour, Green Pea Flour, Oat Flour,  Tapioca Flour, Teff Flour, Sorghum Flour,    Potato Flour, White Bean Flour, White Rice Flour

Gluten Free: Evaporated Cane Juice RM, Cookies, Rice Krispies, GF, Original Multi Seed Crackers, Roasted Garlic Crackers, Penne & twist Rice Noodles, Macaroni, Rice, Spaghetti, Potato starch GF & RM, Baking Soda RM, Baking Powder RM, Corn Starch RM, xanthun Gum RM,

Sugar Free:

Equal sweetener, Splenda, Stevia, Diabetasweet Brown Sugar, Sf French Vanilla Cappuccino

Sugar Free Candies: Wild Fruit, Cinnamon, Coffee, Gourmet Jelly Beans, Gummi Bears, Peppermint, Root beer, lemon, Taffy, Butterscotch Discs, Licorice Bits, Starlight Mints, NSA Chocolate Peanuts, NSA Yogurt Peanuts, NSA Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix,

Sugar Free Wafer Cookies: Peanut butter, Vanilla, Chocolate mint, Strawberry

Sugar Free Jams and Butters: N/S red raspberry, Blueberry, Seedless Black Raspberry and Peach

Sugar Free, Chocolate Bars, Gelatins, Pudding Mix, Dark Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate, White melting wafers,